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Dr. Susan Xu-Wong, DDS and her team work to provide Albany, Oregon and nearby communities with excellent, modern dental care. Ours is a small town practice based on the values of trust and comfort for all of our patients. We treat you and your family the way we want to be treated, from our friendly greeting when you walk in the door, to gentle respectful treatment in the clinic and an eagerness to educate you about your care process.

Our office embraces the technology to provide the best, most comfortable care possible. We see patients of all ages for complete dental health service including;

Preventative Care
Full & Partial Dentures

Teeth Whitening
• Oral Surgery
Digital X-ray
Nitrous Oxide

Call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Susan Xu-Wong, DDS, 541-928-9990 or email us. Our staff is happy to help you find a time that is convenient for you and answer any questions you may have about our practice or service needed.

Will an Oral Piercing Impact Your Oral Health?
The instances of getting oral piercings have gone up significantly over the last decade or so. It went from something only a rare few did to something that's become more mainstream. However, the problems with oral piercings are not nearly as well-known. Dentists are starting to see a lot more problems in their offices with injuries to teeth that could have been avoided. If you are determined to get an oral piercing or already have one, make sure you know the dangers you are likely to face.

Oral piercings can bump around near a lot of soft tissues. They may only do a little damage here or there, but that damage does add up. When a post hits a tooth, it can easily crack or chip the tooth. Again, the damage may not be noticed right away, but it can adds up. Oral piercings also increase the instances of foreign bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to increased gum disease, abscesses, and infection anywhere within the mouth.

Getting an oral piercing may look cool now, but a mouthful of chipped or broken teeth won't look so good in a few years. It isn't a matter of if your mouth will get damaged by your oral piercing. It is quite literally a matter of when. Perhaps you will get lucky and it won't happen for a while. However, you may also fall into the group of people who suffer from these problems within a matter of months or less.

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